About Us

Here at Prairie Homestead we provide a site manager to assist with setup the day before, coordinate tasks the day of, and help with cleanup the day after. Let us help you enjoy every minute by looking after the little details.

What we do

  • Coordinate with Crystal Sound to ensure a seamless ceremony and reception
  • Manage the coffee, juice and water station
  • Set out dessert, candy bar or night stack and keep it stocked
  • Light and maintain a bonfire for your guest to enjoy
  • Tidy up tables disposing of cups, cans and garbage
  • Keep the space tidy during the event
  • Provide solutions and ensure guest safety

Weddings can be stressful. We don’t feel that you should have to assign family or friends with these tasks. We are available for questions by email, text or call in the months prior to your event.

We are the Heinrichs Family.

We recently retired from farming and decided to start a new adventure together. Fall of 2017 we began to transform our 3rd generation farm into a much needed outdoor wedding venue. We are extremely thankful for all the help and support from local business, vendors, friends and family!

Greg, Lorraine
Breanne, Jordan
& Layton

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